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Hand-cut moth set

Hand-cut moth set

Each moth is hand drawn onto archival, acid free, black paper, and then carefully hand cut with an x-acto knife. The moths are delicately, and invisibly pin mounted on woven, cotton fabric. They are arranged in a 10x10x1.75” shadow box, letting you to see all angles of the moths and allowing for shadows to be cast behind them. These beauties are inspired from a variety of moth species, and then reimagined into the final designs you see. The best part is, no moths were harmed in the making of this. 

Due to the nature of hand-cutting, each moth is unique and has its own quirks. Please keep in mind, nothing is perfect unless it is cut by a robot.


*Note- this piece is made to order, and therefore will take around a week longer to ship than the 7-10 days listed.

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