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Hello! I'm a Seattle artist, living and working from my home studio in the Fremont neighborhood. I am primarily a printmaker and hand-cut paper artist, with my work mostly being informed by natural and existing patterns in the world around me. 

Being heavily inspired by light and shadow, I am extremely interested in what negative space has to say. I am fascinated with tiny details often missed within our everyday world such as the serendipitous patterns of overlapping leaves, or the way a shadow intersects another. I want to capture these moments and interactions, and share them with the world that overlooked them. 

Generally, I do this by means of cutting tiny shapes out of paper with a utility knife or carving a linoleum block. This makes my work quite process oriented, and often requires hours of repetitive, meticulous motion. However, the repetition and time consuming nature, is as engaging to me as the finished work.


When I’m not creating, I work as a Wine Director and am currently working towards my next Sommelier certification. Chances are, you’ll find me with a glass of wine in my hand whether I’m curating the next glass pour menu, or signing linoleum prints.

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